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Project CO2NDOR is a three phased project that aims to show the environmental and economical benefits for Europe of a A to Z alternative to currently in use natural gas and gasohol home heating equipment. Needless to say that natural gas and gasohol are not renewable energies and do therefor contribute to an increase in CO2 emissions. When completed the project will have the following shape. Firstly, locally produced and purchased feedstock’s such as sugar beats, corn or sorghum will be fermented and distilled into bio-ethanol in a farm scale bio-ethanol demonstration plant. Secondly, this bio-ethanol will then be shipped to a multi-family building or commercial building. There the bio-ethanol will be processed into hydrogen via a reformer. Thirdly, this hydrogen will be used to heat the multi-family building or commercial building via a fuel cell. This fuel cell will produce electricity that will be sold to the inhabitants of the building. Surplus electricity will be sold to the grid.